GCMI recently welcomed Georgia Tech President Angel Cabrera for an inside look at our work and its impact.

Almost immediately after Angel Cabrera was named President of Georgia Tech in 2019, he led “more than 5,700 members of the Georgia Tech community [who] contributed to a new 10-year strategic plan that launched in November 2020. The plan is grounded on a new mission statement that reaffirms Tech’s commitment to ‘developing leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition.’”


This vision is fully aligned with Executive Vice President for Research Chaouki Abdallah’s commitment to commercialization of research born in the Institute’s programs including medtech and life science innovation. Supporting entities also include the Enterprise Innovation Institute, the Center for Medtech Excellence, the Georgia Manufacturing Extension Program, and of course GCMI among others.


Since 2016, GCMI has helped individual clinician innovators, start up companies, engineers and scientists with university supported technologies, medical technology customers of all sizes including industry partners and health systems design, develop and commercialize new medical technologies that improve value-based patient outcomes.


Taking a deeper medtech dive with President Cabrera at GCMI


“In early February, we were honored to host President Cabrera to tour the GCMI facility and present our work in more detail, especially current projects with high potential for commercial impact,” said GCMI Interim Executive Director Saylan Lukas. “President Cabrera recalled to us the frequency with which our work with Children’s Hospital of Atlanta and Dr. Scott Hollister was mentioned as a source of pride among the faculty as he was leading the creation of the Institute’s new strategic plan in 2019.


Our mission is to help direct the development, testing, and commercialization of innovative medical devices that improve quality based outcomes and delivery of healthcare for patients,” Lukas continued. “Helping to produce powerful, positive impacts on patients’ lives involves translating research from the lab to the clinic, including clinical trials, first in human studies and other required activities for FDA approval. We do this in support of Georgia Tech faculty, students and the ecosystem at large, and we do it every single day.


Because medtech innovation is significantly more rigorous than other types of new technology commercialization, GCMI’s proven, phased-gated, milestone driven product development process helps ensure our customers’ ideas and technologies follow a capital efficient path to market.


Beyond Dr. Hollister’s technology cited above, our work in support of the local ecosystem specifically includes Hong Yeo’s flexible wireless stethoscope, Omer Inan’s IV infiltration mitigation systems, James Rains’ and Kamil Makhneija’s GloShield by Jackson Medical and Christopher Saldana’s PPE face shields.


Other GCMI supported startups and health systems include:

  • NFANT Labs
  • Children’s Mercy Health System
  • Piedmont Health System
  • OXOS / MicroC
  • Augment Health
  • StrideLink
  • Micron Technologies

If you would like to know more about GCMI, who we are, what we do and how we do it, we welcome you to contact GCMI’s Business Development Manager, Sarah Jo Tucker via email: sarah.tucker@devices.net .