Fact: Atlanta enjoys assets critical to medtech innovation on par with those in hubs like Boston and the Bay Area. In abundance Atlanta has clinicians, hospitals, patients, universities including two medical schools, engineers, entrepreneurs, solutions providers and supporting state and municipal resources. We are also home for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. 


Technology Enterprise Park rendering. Credit: Georgia Tech

Atlanta has additional “biomarkers” for medtech innovation like grant funding including the Georgia Research Alliance, startups spun out in the past, a mature funding ecosystem and patents issued. The ecosystem is robust, with high quality of life and lower cost of living than the “stalwarts.” 


From Maija Ehlinger at Hypepotamus, “Jaimie Clark, Head of Innovation for Catalyst and Director of Innovation for Wellstar, said that the funding, talent, and resources available now for healthcare-related startups means Atlanta is growth.

“‘ATL is a growing force, fostering innovation and access to markets,” Clark added. “‘Founders don’t have to look any further than Atlanta to launch their companies — once launched, they can access customers and growth globally. It’s an exciting time for local entrepreneurs and founders.’”

Speaking of medtech startups, the following have used GCMI’s expertise and facilities in their journey from bench to bedside.


If we worked with another design and development firm, we wouldn’t have had the flexibility to do what we needed to do in the time frame we set. GCMI is unique in that we were able to choose the services that we needed precisely at the time we needed them. The way GCMI engages with their customers is unlike any other firm.” – Lou Malice, NFant Labs


The StrideLink Team

“Most startups don’t consider quality assurance or regulatory strategy and classification early enough in the process. Yet they have an immense impact on the technology’s design and development pathway. We definitely shifted our mindset on the design team’s impact on successfully delivering our technology to the market, thanks to GCMI’s guidance.” – Zea Khorramabadi, StrideLink


The Heart of the Atlanta Medtech Ecosystem

GCMI’s offices have been located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta since 2012. We know the local, state and regional medtech ecosystem especially well. We also know how that ecosystem can support technologies originating from other locations around the country and around the world.


As we have for more than a decade, GCMI helps innovators, start up companies, engineers and scientists with university supported technologies, large and small medical technology customers including industry partners and health systems. 


At the end of the day, GCMI is fully committed to our customers’ success and welcomes you to contact us at any point in a technology’s pathway from the ‘back of the napkin’ to the bench, manufacturing, bedside and beyond.


2024, The Year of the Atlanta Healthcare Startup? We’re all in and we’re here to help medtech innovators reach their next key milestone with high capital efficiency. Get in touch. It’s never too early.