Why GCMI - Goal is your success

When it comes to medtech innovation, our client’s success is always our top priority. We help find the right people for the task at any point on the commercialization pathway. 


When partnering with some design firms, you risk losing sole control over your intellectual properties (IP). The focus needs to be on developing a product that meets the needs and the market. With some firms, the focus results in a product designed to meet their manufacturing capabilities. Worse, you can lose control over your IP or find yourself in a lop-sided partnership with your manufacturers. 


In contrast, as a non-profit affiliate of Georgia Tech, GCMI fills a specific role or roles for a period of time, allowing you to complete the work with no strings attached. Our team is here to help you design the right product, primed for manufacturing, then help you find the best way to get it to market – whether or not that means sticking with GCMI. 


“GCMI was incredibly flexible with us. We could essentially be a la carte with their services, such as design, machine shop, software, and documentation. This was ideal given that, like many medical device startups, we had a limited budget and only needed certain services.”
Lou Malice, NFANT Labs


We have access not only to Georgia Tech’s talent, but to the entirety of the University System of Georgia. We excel when working on projects that require diverse talents and resources. Because all IP stays with our clients, they maintain complete control without forfeiting access to some of the brightest minds and top talent in academia. 


“GCMI is literally a ten minute walk from our innovation studio at Georgia Tech. They also have proficiency in delivering products to markets including working with frontline hospitals and health systems where these shields will be put to use protecting the professionals treating patients.”
Christopher Saldana, Ph.D., Georgia Tech


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