The timely review of your GLP preclinical final report is very important. However, timelines are tight, and yours is not the only study that a reviewer might be working on. How do you make the report detailed, yet easy to read? What elements must be present? What common mistakes should you be certain to avoid?

Join Dr. Victoria Hampshire, CEO of Capital Preclinical Scientific Research Consulting, Dr. Irena Brants, and Deepal Panchal preclinical program directors with GCMI, on Thursday, July 23rd for a 30 minute webinar. From the executive summary to personnel, results, appendices and more, attendees will gain a high-resolution picture into elements of preclinical study final reports that reviewers with regulatory bodies will appreciate.

About our speakers

Dr. Victoria Hampshire is a highly experienced former federal service veterinarian and consultant who has substantial accomplishments related to veterinary preclinical guidance and regulation, research practice support, and review of federal processes (Titles 9 and 21) surrounding biomedical research and regulatory affairs. Since the inception of her consulting firm, she has been helping a variety of entities. The projects have ranged from preparation of pre-submission documents, compiling data from one or more studies and assimilating it into a cogent executive summary, helping applicants respond to animal study deficiencies, design future animal studies, or perform due diligence for venture capital or acquisition decisions.

Dr. Irena Brants is a study director and veterinarian. She brings years of experience in expert report writing in a variety of medical devices, ranging from EP, interventional cardiology, structural heart and many more. At GCMI she serves as a Program Director and delegate Test Facility Management.

Deepal Panchal is a biomedical engineer and study director. In addition to her preclinical experience, she has worked in industry as well, and brings the sponsor perspective and needs for preclinical studies. In addition to preclinical business development, she too serves as a Program Director and delegate Test facility management.