GCMI helps medtech innovators, including physicians, academic researchers and professors, startups and large strategic companies, bring their products to market. Our work to successfully commercialize medtech innovation to date has been almost exclusively as a service provider.


When the need became apparent that we could play a significant role in getting desperately needed PPE to frontline healthcare workers in the fight against COVID-19, we realized we had to do more. We had to help raise the funds needed. We had to secure the supply chain and delivery, while also leaning on our design, development and regulatory expertise. We had to do it quickly and in a way that would be financially sustainable. We had to build a new medtech business.


“Even before the COVID-19 crisis, medtech companies faced pressure to localize in certain markets. Moving forward, it will continue to be important for companies to balance pressures that can impact local supplies with the desire for greater flexibility in capacity. This will require medtech companies to reassess their supply chain network and key suppliers.


“The pandemic has starkly highlighted the importance of medtech development efficiency and the need for change to create a more resilient healthcare supply chain. It has laid bare the frailties and deficiencies of a complex global manufacturing system that has grown to depend on limited numbers of suppliers for components and finished products.”


Fill out the form below to download our new white paper that details how our work with the Georgia Tech School of Mechanical Engineering, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Exxon Mobile, Delta Flight Products, Siemens and others has resulted in delivery of more than 1.8 million PPE face shields for frontline healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.