Friends and colleagues, we hope you will enjoy this inspiring story of innovation and collaboration that is helping keep our frontline healthcare professionals safe during this time of desperate need.

“I saw nothing better I could do to give back to people like my mom, my dad — who have been working in emergency services — and first responders on the real front lines of this,” [Kentez] Craig told NBC News.

Kentez is a graduate student in Georgia Tech’s school of mechanical engineering. He and his colleagues, including Professor Chris Saldana, have been core to the collaborative process of which GCMI is exceptionally proud to be a part; helping keep frontline healthcare professionals safe by designing, manufacturing and delivering protective equipment as they care for those in need.

Image credit: GT Research Horizons

“Over the past few weeks, Craig’s team has provided thousands of face shields to medical facilities across the country, as well as roughly 200 intubation boxes, a protective barrier that shields health care workers from respiratory droplets when intubating patients, to Atlanta-area hospitals. And the face shield design they created has been used to produce nearly 2 million of them.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

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