On May 8, 2024, Georgia Tech announced promotions for six researchers from the Interdisciplinary Research Institutes and other units reporting to the Vice President of Interdisciplinary Research.


We are proud to share that GCMI’s Director of Scientific Affairs Evan Goldberg was one of the six recognized researchers earning promotion. 


Growing the careers of research faculty at Georgia Tech is an integral part of Research Next, the strategic plan for the Institute’s research enterprise,” the announcement states.


GCMI Director of Scientific Affairs Evan Goldberg

Evan’s work is integral to the success of GCMI and the medtech innovators we serve throughout the Institute and across the entirety of the medtech innovation ecosystem both close to home and across the globe,” GCMI Interim Director Saylan Lukas says. “We extend our heartiest congratulations on this recognition and express our gratitude for his excellence in contributions to the team, our clients and the patients that benefit from new medical technologies to which he contributes.”


In addition to his role with GCMI, Evan recently joined the Laboratory for Synthetic Immunity as the Program Manager for Project CODA, a multi-institutional research initiative with ARPA-H (the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health – an independent entity within the National Institutes of Health) focusing on developing tests for early stage cancer detection. He has been a member of the Georgia Tech research faculty and Senior Research Engineer since 2016.


We also extend our congratulations to our colleague Leanne West who, in the same announcement, was granted the prestigious distinction of Regents’ Researcher by the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents. Leanne is principal research scientist and the chief engineer of pediatric technologies at Georgia Tech and serves as the technical liaison for Georgia Tech’s partnership with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.


Congratulations Evan and Leanne!


The GCMI Team