“In partnership with Georgia CTSA (Clinical and Translational Science Alliance), the I3 (Imagine, Innovate, and Impact) GCMI Research Awards are intended to spark synergistic interactions among investigators from the Emory School of Medicine (SOM) with Georgia Tech affiliate the Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI). Proposals are envisioned to improve patient care by more effectively and efficiently developing and commercializing devices and products through preclinical and product development services.”


Upon analysis of the applications submitted and evaluated by Emory and GCMI personnel, the recipients of the Inaugural I3 Awards are projects led by the following investigators:


  • Kimberly Hoang (Neurosurgery): Magnetic Untethered Microbots for Local Drug Delivery for Brain Tumors, 
  • Anand Jain (Medicine): EndoSAFE and 
  • Brendan Browne (Urology), Shreyas Joshi (Urology): Uretero-enteric anastomotic coupler development.


The awards total $100,000 and will support commercialization pathway and de-risking activities including design, development and preclinical testing services for the three promising technologies. Funding is provided by the Emory SOM Dean, Georgia Tech Executive Vice President of Research (EVPR) and the Global Center for Medical Innovation.


“GCMI proudly supports our colleagues, investigators, researchers and students at Georgia Tech and Emory University,” said GCMI Director of Scientific Affairs Evan Goldberg. “In addition to supporting young companies, startups, and industry leaders in life science innovation across the country and around the world, we proudly support Emory School of Medicine faculty members with promising ideas. We look forward to helping these investigators realize the potential of their technologies and accelerate their path from the bench to the bedside.”


About GCMI

GCMI helps commercialize new medical technologies. Our customers include principal investigators, inventors, engineers and product managers, including academic faculty at Georgia Tech. We also serve large health systems like Piedmont and some of the world’s largest medical device companies. Our facilities, tools and team serves as a one stop shop for medical technology innovation at any point in a product’s pathway to FDA approval and patient care. We are the GPS, the navigator, test site and launch pad for medtech innovation that saves lives and improves patient care.


Our milestone driven process helps ensure our customers’ ideas achieve a capital efficient path to market from IP, market assessment, design, prototyping, preclinical testing and bioskills training.


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