Earlier today Medical Design & Outsourcing published the following from the FDA regarding 3D printed equipment intended to supplement PPE needs created by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“University research teams and others have been racing to develop DIY ventilators to help patients whose breathing is restricted by COVID-19. Those seeking to 3D-print accessories or parts for medical devices should use original parts or those with the same specifications, dimensions and performance, if available, the FDA advised. The agency encouraged using plans from original parts and working with relevant medtech manufacturers for guidance.”

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GCMI would like to thank everyone for sharing the latest on our efforts to address the nationwide shortage of PPE on the frontline battle against COVID-19. The shares and visits to those pages have generated scores of downloads from a variety of manufacturers.

TechNewsWorld reporter Richard Adhikari reported GCMI’s designs “had been downloaded 45 times by Wednesday, by ‘small private businesses, to large publicly traded companies, to large government sectors actively engaged in fighting COVID-19,’ [according to] GCMI Medical Affairs Liaison Emily Blum, M.D.” Read more, including potential production goals.

The latest on our work, including design access and other ways you can help,  remains available on this page.

Image credit: GT Research Horizons

We would also like to thank MassDevice, its sister publication Medical Design and Outsourcing and TechNewsWorld for inclusion of GCMI’s efforts in their reporting.