As an affiliate of Georgia Tech, GCMI has a tremendous opportunity to support the next generation of engineers, researchers and medical product developers. One highly tangible way we meet that opportunity is providing facilities, equipment, staff expertise and other assets for annual Georgia Tech Biomedical Engineering Capstone teams and their projects.

In mid-November 2019, six student-led Georgia Tech Capstone teams put their medical device ideas to the test at GCMI. These are five of their stories.


Aspiring to create a brand new solution for patient aspiration during EGDS – Bullseye

Helping clinicians take a load off: Aprons of Shield

Bridging disciplines to create a new solution for central and arterial line placement: S.A.V.A.G.E 

A new, helpful ‘tip’ for surgeons: Leading Lap 

Attempting to solve a taxing problem in spinal fusion surgery: DISCmissed 


GCMI’s mission is to bring new medical technologies to market that improve quality-based outcomes and delivery of care for patients worldwide. This certainly includes supporting development of medical technologies born in our backyard from faculty, researchers and students with whom we share our institutional affiliation. We congratulate the 2019 teams and eagerly anticipate what the 2020 teams have to show us later this year.