As the year comes to a close and many of us look forward to a holiday respite, I find myself full of enthusiasm having recently returned from Israel advancing our accelerator program with Rambam Health Center and participating in the mHEALTH Israel Women’s Meetup at Google for Startups Campus in Tel Aviv. We live in a big world that is at the same time very small indeed.


The team at GCMI has spent the past 12 months tirelessly learning, leading and supporting our customers on their journey from medical product conceptualization through to commercialization and we will continue to do so. 


At its broadest, we look for 2020 to benefit from what we have learned over the past 8 years to further our mission of bringing innovative new medical technologies to market that improve quality based outcomes and the delivery of care for patients worldwide. 


In the new year, we will take learnings and relationships both deepened and newly formed to bring more Israeli medical technologies to bear on patient care in the United States. We will continue to align and collaborate closely with our leadership, faculty, researcher and student colleagues at Georgia Tech. We will also continue to support the medical innovation ecosystem in our city, state, region and country as it coalesces in the interest of improving human health on a global level.


Taking a moment to reflect on 2019, the following stories exemplify our commitment to our mission.






  • “Getting New Treatments to Patients Can Be Harder Than Landing on Mars” – via Georgia Tech Research Horizons – A new device or drug can fail clinically, but more likely, it will run out of finances, miscalculate the market, or collide with regulations. Researchers can plan for these obstacles early on, and the more of them who do, the more good science will make it to patients.


    • What to do when your GLP study raises questions“This was a make-or-break moment for us. Having credentialed professionals managing the study, board certified veterinarians on staff and a team who cared about the project as if it was their own, is a distinguishing feature for GCMI/T3 Labs.”


If you follow GCMI through our newsletters and social channels, you can expect more stories featuring our work with innovators, experienced and aspiring alike. We support capital efficient medical product innovation for entities of all sizes with high value propositions at all stages in the pathway from concept to commercialization.


In closing, I would like to thank all of our sponsors, customers, institutional leadership, staff and other affiliates for supporting our mission. I hope everyone reading this enjoys a safe, restful, joyous holiday season and I send you my best wishes for a productive and prosperous new year.


Thanks for reading.