The annual AdvaMed MedTech Conference, the leading medtech industry conference in North America, will once again bring together over 3,000 attendees from across the world on September 23–25 to network and share insights. As AdvaMed’s premier event, the MedTech Conference will feature presentations from world class speakers, discussions about the latest innovations in medtech, and opportunities for networking and business development. GCMI CEO, Tiffany Wilson, is excited to join this group of industry professionals in Boston and to participate in one of the featured sessions at this year’s event. 

The panel for De-risking MedTech Innovation by Investing in the Process Before the Product will include Tif and other industry professionals sharing their experience and knowledge of successful commercialization approaches. This session, which will be a part of the AdvaMed Accel Leadership Seminar on September 23, will explore how investing in a capital-efficient design and development model can prevent medtech startups from failing due to a lack of seed or bridge funding. You can learn more about this session and the panelists in AdvaMed’s conference program

Here’s what else we’re looking forward to at this year’s annual Medtech Conference: 


Finding gaps and identifying opportunities in commercial models 

All of the effort put into the design and development process for medical innovation culminates in commercialization. With all of these changes happening in the healthcare ecosystem, medtech commercialization strategies must also adapt. We’re looking forward to the session Evolving Commercial Models In The New Health Care Ecosystem, which will explore the top trends and commercial strategies for meeting this new breed of “super-informed, highly-connected and data-driven buyers”, in order to better assist innovators on the pathway from concept to commercialization. 


Surveying the current medtech landscape 

The MedTech Conference is a great opportunity to not only connect with those in the industry but also to hear about the newest policies creating shifts in the environment. This way, we can adequately prepare startups and innovators for what’s on the horizon, particularly when it comes to venture capital investment. The session, Pulse of the Industry 2019, will evaluate the current medtech climate and suggest ways that medtech companies can both seize upcoming opportunities and avoid potential risk.


Patient-centric medtech innovation 

With the fundamental shift to value-based healthcare, it has become even more crucial for innovators to place an emphasis on improving patient outcomes and reducing costs during the early development and prototyping phase. Meeting patients’ needs and expectations plays a large part in improving these outcomes, however, it can often be difficult to obtain patient input and effectively incorporate it into medtech innovations. We work to improve patient care by more effectively developing and commercializing devices through preclinical voice-of-customer, feasibility, and GLP preclinical testing and training programs. We are looking forward to the session Developing a Framework for Patient Input in Medical Device Clinical Trials which will detail various strategies to help companies and innovators further seek input from patients and patient groups on clinical trial design elements. 


Connect with us at the 2019 AdvaMed Medtech Conference! 

Whether you are a medtech innovator with an idea for a novel technology or are interested in learning more about Atlanta’s medtech ecosystem, we want to talk to you! Contact GCMI to set up a meeting during AdvaMed 2019! Also, make sure to follow GCMI on Twitter and LinkedIn.