Tiffany Wilson, CEO of GCMI and T3 Labs

“When I moved here, I noticed Atlanta seemed to be very siloed with everyone trying to do their own thing.What I’ve seen over the last five years is the breaking down of those silos.”

Through the lens of Atlanta’s innovation ecosystem, GCMI CEO Tiffany Wilson recently spoke with Hypepotamus’ Kristyn Back about the rigors of medtech innovation, Atlanta’s medtech assets, the fluidity of being a CEO, wife and mother, and what it is like to be a female leader in the medical technology field.

“Finally people [in Atlanta and the southeast] are starting to collaborate more and work together on different initiatives, rather than recreating the wheel over and over again,” Wilson claims. “That’s got to continue in the medtech industry here for us to be successful.

“It’s tricky moving technology from an academic setting to the market. Now, in a four to five-mile radius, all the critical assets and infrastructure to go from a medical device concept, all the way through development, to preclinical testing and trials are in place without leaving Midtown. It’s really about connecting people and having the right processes and contracts in place to facilitate the flow of that very rapidly.”

When Wilson isn’t helping innovators develop new technology, she is an advisor for Valor Ventures, serves on the board of the Southeastern Medical Device Association (SEMDA) as past-President, and was recently appointed to a second term on the National Advisory Council for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Department of Commerce.

“We want to see an increase in commercialization of novel medical device inventions from academic and research institutions. Having an industry mindset has been an important factor and differentiator for our center. My team is comprised of product development engineers and experts from industry and we focus on the “D” part of the R&D equation. Given how complex and multidisciplinary medical device development and commercialization is, we’ve been able to bring all those pieces of the puzzle together.”

Read more about Tif and Atlanta’s robust medtech ecosystem via the full article in Hypepotamus here.

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