T3 Labs Training Program Director Kelley Bennett joined SEMDA Executive Director Jason Rupp and GCMI Executive Director Tiffany Wilson on Health Connect South Radio last week. Give a listen to the current state of medtech innovation in the southeast and how T3 Labs supports our vibrant medtech ecosystem.

Via our colleagues Jay Schaffer and CW Hall with Health Connect South: Rupp said, “2015 Investment in Medtech was higher than 2014 however that’s a bit deceptive; there were a smaller number of bigger deals. SEMDA will continue to focus on four pillars: Technology, Funding, Infrastructure and Workforce.”

Savvy medtech innovators often consult GCMI early in their process where the first question asked is, “Are you building a company or a product?” according to Wilson. “What’s needed [in a successful young medtech company] is vision with discipline. One common mistake is investing in prototypes – too much, too soon. Startups need to learn to fail fast and fail cheap.”

Once the medical device or product is ready for the next phase in the development process, T3 Labs enters the picture supporting the journey from concept-to-cure-to-commercialization. “Innovation has outpaced the health providers’ ability to keep up,” Bennett explains. “T3 provides the preclinical testing and training programs required by regulatory bodies to ensure new medical products are safe and effective. We make our training programs for physicians and allied health professionals as efficient, comfortable and convenient as possible.”

You can listen here to last week’s program in its entirety. 


If you are a medical device innovator evaluating your readiness for preclinical testing, or if you need the very best in medical device training for your physicians and allied health professionals, we stand ready to serve you as we have for scores of leading medtech companies.

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