At T3 Labs we love to connect with our colleagues at industry leading events year-round. Event engagement not only quenches our thirst for new scientific knowledge to the benefit of our organization, our sponsors and our team members, it also fosters what’s next for our organization.

Because preclinical orthopaedic device testing and training is an area of strength at T3 Labs, we always look forward to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Conference (AAOS) and the Orthopaedic Research Society. In short, AAOS/ORS 2016 is the biggest ortho conference of the year and the best chance to catch up with all of our sponsors in orthopaedic innovation. The quality and volume of the orthopaedic physicians attending AAOS/ORS is second-to-none.

Naturally, all of the orthopaedic medical device manufacturers attend as well. These are the sponsors we strive to serve with the highest value preclinical testing and training available. We get to hear the collective “voice of the orthopaedic industry,” keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s hot and tailor what we do in preclinical to the benefit of all of our sponsors, existing and prospective. See our recent case study on advanced imaging and analysis with ImageIQ and associated FDA guidance capable of accelerating preclinical trials.

“At the preclinical stage of medical device product development, there is an important opportunity to identify and implement significant improvements before first clinical use. T3 Labs provides extensive expertise and capabilities in the critical preclinical stage of medical device product development.” – Jason White, Senior Director of Product Development, St. Jude Medical

T3 Labs has successfully archived numerous GLP studies for orthopaedic device developers of all types and sizes, two of which have recently received FDA 510k clearance. We discover promising new companies at AAOS every year who have preclinical trials on their radars and AAOS 2016 will be no different. Whether we wind up with the work or not, we always love talking medtech development and can often help companies tee up their preclinical trials for success before they begin. From concept-to-cure, we are able to help medtech innovators secure FDA approvals on preclinical medical device testing.

“This is as close as you can come to a real OR experience.” – David Smith, Sales Manager, Stryker.

“The best training we have had, without a doubt.” – Greg Hubber, Sr. Territory Manager, Estech

For medical device manufacturers whose latest devices have advanced through preclinical and are ready for training, T3 Labs provides more than 2,000 physicians, sales staff, students and allied healthcare professionals what they need, when they need it with the highest quality service designed with your training needs in mind every year. Physicians and sales staff experience their medical device training in the same clinical setting in which they will use their skills. Our GLP and AAALAC compliant facility includes a real-life cath lab and operating rooms on par with the top hospitals and surgical centers in the country.

Connect with T3 Labs’ Orthopaedic and Spine Program Director Evan Goldberg at AAOS 2016 by emailing or call (404) 251-0600.